New Surgical Center Opening in 2024

Saving Lives in Malawi

We are building a New Surgical Center in Salima District, Malawi, Africa!
This will save the lives of thousands of women and children!
Alaskans and Alaskan organizations continue to have a connection with health care in Malawi, and this will be another very significant life-saving effort.

“Be a Hero” $1,000
Wall of Heroes
Help us complete construction on the surgical center. Your name will be etched on a beautifully displayed wall in the entrance.

Dedicate a Brick $5,000
Garden on Mothers
The surgical center will provide life-saving cesarean deliveries as our first surgical procedures. We are building a garden walkway between the birthing center and the emergency c-section room. Dedicate a brick in this garden passageway to a beloved mother in your life.

Sponsor a Patient Bay $10,000
Sponsor 1 of 9 patient bays at the new surgical center where women and children await and recover from surgical procedures. The patient bay will be named in your honor.

Playground and Outdoor Gym $15,000
The children of Pothawira need a place to play. Help us design and construct an outdoor playground and gym this Summer 2024 as our major non-medical volunteer project.

Dedicate an Operating Room $20,000
We are building a blood bank in the surgical center. Stock and supply this life saving effort which will impact thousands of mothers and childrens' lives in Malawi.

Guest Home $75,000
With the new surgical center, we are in desperate need for more housing where our visiting health care providers and volunteers can stay. Help us build a guest house in your name.

Solar Panels $100,000
The surgical center will be powered by renewable solar energy. We need funding to purchase and install the solar panels.

Surgical Center $315,000 needed
We will complete the construction of the surgical center in 2024.
As of March 2024, we have raised $335,000 of the $650,000 needed to complete the building of the surgical center. If we can raise the remaining $315,000 we cross the finish line and open the doors in December 2024 !