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    Laura Merriman

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    Thank you for getting out and doing what most only talk about!

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    Cathi Sacco

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    Dianne and Noelle, The best of luck on your climb. You are going to smash it and feel so proud of yourselves. Xx

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    Alycia Duquette

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    Go Noelle and Dianne!

About Team Sacco

Last summer, Dianne and Noelle, a mother and daughter (now age 16), volunteered at Pothawira for the first time. That experience inspired them to return not just to Pothawira, but to join Anne on her quest to raise money to support Malawian women.

Noelle:  “I am climbing Kilimanjaro to raise money for the birthing center and orphanage at Pothawira. Last summer I was fortunate to go to Pothawira with my mother to work at the orphanage.  During that time period, I went to visit my mother at the local hospital, where I saw a c-section.  The baby was not crying and needed to be resuscitated.    With Annie’s assistance the baby began to cry.   This made me realize how important it is to get the birthing center up and running so that the newborns have the best possible chance of surviving.  I am climbing Kilimanjaro to raise money to give the babies a chance in this world as well as to support the children in the orphanage.”

Dianne:  “Last summer, Lori Lerner invited my daughter and I, to join a group she was leading to Pothawira.  Both of us had participated in volunteer trips in the US, but never internationally.   I was to assist Lori with urologic surgery.   At the time, I was frustrated with the change in medical care in the USA.  Traveling to Pothawira was a life changing event.  I took our medical system as well as our way of life for granted.   Going to Pothawira made me aware of all that we have as well as what we have lost.  The sense of faith, community and family seemed to resonate so strongly there. The medical care was limited given the minimal resources.  I was able to be a doctor again, utilizing history and physical exam to diagnose and treat patients.  We did not have the luxury of getting the usual imaging and laboratory data.  I realize that so many more individuals could benefit from medical services if the birthing center could be functioning. I am climbing Kilimanjaro to raise funding for the opening of the birthing center.”